When Will The Discrimination Against The Rape Conceived End


I have been doing some thinking today. While telling my rape conception story today trying to change the hearts and minds of people. I was told to stop being the victim, that I was judgmental, uncompassionate, and cold hearted. This is just how society treats those conceived in rape, and this is mild.

Over the last few months since I am getting more involved with the pro-life movement I have been paying very close attention to others who were also conceived in rape, they have a backbone and keep going. Those who represent the hard cases have to have tough skin.

Living in the world that we do people just get something in their head, and they think that it is right without doing research, and talking to others. Why is it that Society treats those conceived in rape/incest like they are some disease that people need to stay away from? The way that society treats us reminds me of the way people were dealt with in the Bible who had leprosy. They were considered unclean and had to be separated from the people who were found to be clean.

Just because someone is conceived in rape does not mean that they are going to become like the rapist. That is so far from the truth. I was conceived in rape and society will tell me that I have the rapist blood flowing through my veins. That is so wrong. Jesus Christ died on Calvary, and it is him blood that flows through my veins. Jesus Christ, God manifested in flesh breathed life into me.

I wonder those who devalue and dehumanize those conceived in rape if they were conceived in rape, how would they feel if people talked to them like they do us.

I don’t think that the discrimination will ever end for those conceived in rape because we live in a fallen world.

If the discrimination against those conceived in rape doesn’t come to a close, and least, show them some respect. Show respect for the mothers who are raising their children conceived in rape, show respect towards the children they did not do anything wrong. Also, show some compassion towards the mother who was raped and is pregnant from rape. Don’t automatically tell her that she should have an abortion. Love her and show compassion towards her. Value the life of her and the baby.

Sherry Hensley Conceived in Rape






Sherry is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland-Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. She and her husband reside in Baltimore, Maryland and attend Bethel Apostolic Church. She enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith.

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