The Value of Life


Life is precious

Life is a precious gift given to us by Jesus Christ our Creator.

Welcome! The Value of life is very important to me. I am adopted, and I grew up in a Christian home. My fight for the unborn has become greater in my life since I found out that I was conceived in rape and had my life saved and protected by law from an illegal abortion.

I am a firm believer that Jesus Christ is the one who created life and he is the only one that can take it away. I am 100% Pro-life No exceptions!! I have just started to share my story, and God is going to use it for his glory.

At any given time, I will post things that the Lord lays on my heart, or I will read other people’s articles and respond. I also plan to learn from others who have been speaking longer than I have. With God’s help, it is my prayer that I can help raise awareness that all life be protected.

To show others that having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the best thing and knowing him brings value to life because he came so that we can have life and life more abundantly.

I am also a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland. Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. I am also a Blogger for Save the 1. I am married to a Minister and I enjoy inspiring others and sharing my faith.


Her contact information is

11 thoughts on “The Value of Life

  1. This a wonderful testimony and a calling into this ministry of unborn babies. God will open doors for you to reach nations with this message.
    Bishop Robert

  2. God Bless you for your testimony keep on fighting the good fight. So happy you got to meet your birth Mother and family tree.

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