The Atrocity of Planned Parenthood

Recently a video has gone viral about planned parenthood selling organs of unborn babies that have been aborted. The pro-abortionists have such a twisted way of thinking. One minute the “fetus” is just tissue and the next the “fetus” has human organs. As I write this today, I am grieving inside because of the way our nation has gone and the lack of leadership that our government has. It tears me up inside when I hear the government say they want to protect our children, but will not take a stand to protect the life of the unborn. Murdering the life of the unborn is atrocious and horrific.
While it is grieving to me to hear about the things that Planned Parenthood does murdering an unborn child and protecting vital organs because they have value. I am grateful for people like Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma who stood up and said “That child has value, we all were once 20 weeks in the wombs of our mother.” Senator James Lankford also stated that we should start over as a nation. As I listened to Senator Lankford, I thought about a conversation that I had on Saturday with Jack Ames, the founder and director of Defend Life saying, We as a country have forgotten God. I totally agree. We as a nation need to start over as the nation that God intended for us to be. I am also reminded of a song by 4Him, “Basics of Life”. It is time that America gets back to the Basics of Life and the Basics of Life begin with a heart that is founded in Christ.


It is through situations like this that just confirms what God so profoundly to me to do last August. That is to share my story and tell it.



Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland-Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. Sherry is married to a wonderful man of God. Sherry enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith.



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