Game Changer For The 20-Week Pain Capable Protection Act


It truly has been an interesting week. From being silenced by a National Organization for letting others know that there were exceptions in the bill. This National Organization does not want people to know that there are exceptions in the bill. On Wednesday, several of my friends and I who were conceived in rape were heartbroken after hearing that the House passed the 20-week pain capable protection act. It is sad when there is an organization that says they want to protect the life of the unborn, but yet they have exceptions in the bills. All life should be protected no matter the circumstances of the conception. We all are created in the image of God.
After hearing the vote on Wednesday, several people on Facebook did not know there were exceptions in the bill.  I feel so impressed to become more involved with the Pro-Life Movement.
After a week of setbacks, Friday evening I got word that there is a game changer going on.  State Senator Lee Bright, a Republican from South Carolina, is filibustering the 20-week pain capable to have the exceptions removed from the bill. For Babies conceived in rape/incest and babies with special needs this is fantastic news! I am thankful to see a Republican senator standing up for the least of these. I pray that Senator Lee Bright will continue to support all life.

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