You’re A Good, Good Father


As I sit here writing, and the tears are wanting to flow I am reminded how much we have a heavenly father is a good, good father and I am loved by him. Our Heavenly Father is also our creator.

The reason of our conception should not matter, but we live in a world where there is abortion on demand. We live in a world where 64% of abortions are forced abortions. We live in a world where the pre-born baby conceived from rape/incest are aborted (murdered) for a crime that they were not even at the time the crime was committed, and they are also innocent of.

I was conceived from rape, and my biological great-aunt wanted me to be aborted, but my birth mother did not give into the pressure of a family member and did what was right. She did not want to destroy the plans that my heavenly father had for my life. She saw me as a gift from God and a gift to a couple who could not have children.

I have been sharing my rape conception story for over three years now. The more that I share it, the more the enemy tries to discourage me and shut me up. I have some news for the enemy I won’t stop defending the mother’s from rape and their children. I won’t stay quiet.

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The pro-abortion movement likes to devalue the mother’s from rape and their children and will say things like the baby conceived from rape as a product of some rapist work. I was in a discussion not that long ago where a product of some rapist work was mentioned.  After that was mentioned I got sick to my stomach and was mad to where I had to pray God I need you to help me right now because I don’t know how much more of there vile nastiness I can take. The very next night the song “You’re a Good, Good Father” by Chris Tomlin went through my mind. I have been listening to that song ever since.

I have friends who are mother’s from rape and also other’s conceived from rape/incest who will not be silenced when discouragement comes because they know they are doing something right, and they also know their value; they know their children’s value. They know that that value only comes from a Good, Good Father who created them and they know they are loved by their Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally.

My Heavenly Father is a Good, Good Father because he loves me and his ways are perfect.


Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland-Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. She is married to Fred Hensley. Sherry enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith. Fred and Sherry attend Bethel Christian Center in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Thank You, Mike Huckabee


Thank You

As I sit here thinking about the way that our world is going, I am thankful for the positive things that I read. Just recently I read an article on by Dustin Siggins.

The article is about Mike Huckabee’s response to CNN’s Dana Bash about the 10-year-old girl in Paraguay who was raped and gave birth to a baby.

There are some good things that Mike Huckabee said. He said, “A 10-year-old girl being raped is horrible,”  “But does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child? And that’s really the issue,” said the former Arkansas governor. “I know people. I worked for a man for several years, James Robison, who was the result of a rape. His mother went to three doctors in Houston, Texas, in 1943, begged doctors to abort the baby. None of them would do it. They all refused. Today, his organization feeds, cares for, and brings living capacity for water to hundreds of thousands of people across the world. That would never have happened, Dana.”

Mike Huckabee also said, “No, it isn’t easy,” Huckabee replied. “And I wouldn’t even pretend that it’s anything other than a terrible tragedy. But let’s not compound the tragedy by taking yet another life. And I always think we sometimes miss the fact that, when an abortion happens, there are two victims.  One is the child. The other is that birth mother, who often will go through extraordinary guilt years later, when she begins to think through the – what happened with the baby, with her.”

While there is much negativity going on in the news and the world today. One of the greatest things that I have heard in a long time is a Presidential Candidate say, “I just come down on the side that life is precious, every life has worth and value.”-Mike Huckabee

When are we as a nation going to realize that every life is valuable? When are we going to stop using rape as an excuse to have an abortion? Just the other day I was sharing my story with someone and told them that my Biological great aunt could have arranged for my birthmother to have an illegal abortion. Their response back to me was I am glad her aunt gave her that option. What they said did not set well with me, and I got sick to my stomach. I have been sharing my rape conception story for a year now, and this was the first time that someone said that to me. It was as if they were saying that I should be dead

We as a nation need to get down on our knees and repent of our wickedness and realize that we are created by God, who sees us valuable. To him we are special, we are loved, we are valuable. I just want to say, Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for standing up and seeing every life is precious and valuable.

Sherry Hensley Blogger (2)

Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland-Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. Sherry is married to a wonderful man of God. Sherry enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith.




The Value Of Life

One of the definitions of Value in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary means relative worth, utility or importance.

It was in August of last year that I heard on James Dobson’s Family Talk Radio a 3 part series titled “Conceived in Rape.”

Not long after that my husband wrote on the “Value of One.” I want to take that a little further and talk about the “Value of Life.”

Ever since the beginning when Adam and Eve sinned we have lived in a fallen world. Every one of us when we are born we are born into a world of sin. Babies are innocent, and they don’t know any better. When a person reaches the age of accountability which I believe is around the age of 11 or 12. Why do I think that? When Mary and Joseph had to go back and find Jesus, they found him in the temple. He told them I must be about my Father’s business. I believe that it was around that time that Jesus knew he was God manifested in the flesh.  We don’t hear much more about Jesus from that time until he was Thirty. He grew up in Wisdom and Stature.

Life is the time a person is given from conception to natural death.  Everyone that has been born or will be born they are important.  God chose mankind to have fellowship with. He has given to us a choice.  It is our choice if we want to have fellowship with him or not. The choice is up to us.

On a tombstone, you will see a dash in the middle. The dash is the life that the person lived.  It is very imperative that we realize the importance of life.  Life must be valued at all cost.

Life is what are people going to say about you when you are gone.  Are people going to see you as an inspiration and an encourager or someone who is selfish and just thinks about themselves?

It is my choice to have fellowship with God. It is my choice to take a stand for life. It is my job to put my faith and trust in God and know that his purpose in creating my life will be fulfilled in my life.

It is sad that we live in a world where life is not valued. Living in the world that we do there are many people who don’t see the importance of life.  Unborn babies being slaughtered by the minute or even seconds through the horrible act of abortion.

Growing up I thought I would never even hear about same-sex marriages. Seeing this being a battle in the court is sickening.  When a man and a woman get married they value each other, they see the importance in each other, they see each others worth.

There are times in the Christian life that we deal with feelings of feeling unworthy or worthless. When we are in fellowship with Jesus and realize that it was his death, burial and resurrection that we are made worthy.  It is through Jesus Christ that we really can see the value of life.

Sherry Hensley Blogger (2)

Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland-Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. She is also a blogger for Save the 1. She enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith.

The Value of One by Fred Hensley

I thought I would share something my husband wrote last August.

Fred HensleyOne – unique, solitary, single, special, alone, no other one like you, you are special, you have fingerprints and DNA like no other one in the world. God says that we are special. A little sparrow that falls is so insignificant that no one in the world will ever notice that the sparrow fell, but God took notice that it did. And Jesus says how much more valuable to God are we than that little sparrow. The religious leaders looked down on the widow woman for giving her two mites, equal to less than a penny in today’s world. Jesus notice that she gave all that she had and said that she had given more than all the others who had given much in the offering. Jesus said whosoever will let him come and drink of the water of life freely. God is no respecter of persons. One life is just as value to God as any other life. Whosoever means anyone from anywhere who was born in this world under any circumstance whatsoever. Definition of one is the lowest cardinal number, refers to a person or thing mentioned or easily identified, a person of a specific kind. Recently, I listened to a three-part series on Family Talk, hosted by Dr. James Dobson, about four women who were born that were conceived in rape and one who is a mother of rape. My wife was also conceived by rape. We have been married for 12 years and only learned this fact back in 2008. Knowing this now only makes me love my wife more than ever before. Why should my wife be punished for being born when it wasn’t her fault for the atrocious act of rape that brought about her conception? What is the value of one when it comes to the time to vote? Some may say “my vote doesn’t matter as one vote will not make a difference”. We have learned in paste elections where every vote does count.

Does one person matter and does it make a difference whether or not that one person is born or not?

Esther was one person and yet she orchestrated and was used of God to save her people from destruction.

It’s a Wonderful Life – George Bailey mattered and the movie depicts that one life does matter. Without George Bailey, Harry Bailey would have drowned as an eight-year old boy. Without George Bailey, a whole transport of men would have died.   Without George Bailey, so many of the citizens in the town would have lived in a potter’s field. Without George Bailey, Mr. Gower would have poisoned a young boy and consequently would have died. As a result, Mr. Gower would have been placed in jail. “Each life touches so many others lives”. “When he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he.” The story of George Bailey shows that one man can make a difference. George Bailey was given a great gift, the chance to see what life would be like without him. George wished he had never been born and he got his wish. In the end, George wept and begged that he could have his life back no matter consequential troubles he had to face.

Individuals born in this world no matter the circumstances surrounding the conception are conceived and born for a reason. If God didn’t want the conception to take place, He could have stopped it from happening, but He didn’t. We were formed in our mother’s womb, so no matter how cruel the rape crime is, God allowed the conception to take place and still formed that baby in the mother’s womb. When the baby was born, God still says “I have plans for that little one” even though that one is condemned and made to feel worthless by people in the world. They can say that this one person is worthless, but God says we all have value no matter who we are and where we come from. Jesus says that everyone is valuable so much that He died for the whole world. It doesn’t say that God so loved the world except for those born out of rape. He loved the world, the whole world and nothing but the world. Since God knows the end from the beginning, He already knew those who would have been born out of rape. So the event doesn’t surprise God. But just because one is born out of rape doesn’t mean that this person has no value. The people in the world that are called worthless and made to feel they have no value are the ones Jesus usually calls and uses for His glory and honor.

Four cases of abortion

Ray, Steve. Should This Baby Be Aborted? You Decide. Retrieved from Documents/ AbortionDecide.pdf

Case #1. There’s a traveling preacher and his wife who are living in poverty. They already have fourteen children. Now she finds out she’s pregnant with the 15th child. They are very poor and probably will be unable to afford a doctor’s attention. Considering their poverty, the excessive world population, and the number of children they already have, would you recommend she get an abortion? If yes, you would have aborted the world-famous Methodist preacher John Wesley.

Case #2. The grandmother is an alcoholic and the father spends his evenings out drinking in the taverns. His mother has tuberculosis. She has already given birth to four children. The first child is blind, the second child died, the third child is deaf, and the fourth child has tuberculosis. Now the mother is pregnant again. Given the extreme situation, would you recommend an abortion? If so, you would have aborted the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

Case #3. A white man raped a 13-year-old black girl and now she is pregnant. Her family lives in extreme poverty; in fact, to survive, they often have to steal food. If you were her parents, would you recommend or require her to have an abortion? If so, you would have just aborted Ethel Waters, the marvelous black Gospel singer

Case #4. A 15-year old girl is pregnant. She is not married and lives in a cave in an outback area with very little money or resources. The man she hopes to marry is not the father of the baby. There is no hospital or doctor available. Would you recommend that she get an abortion? If so, you would have just aborted Jesus Christ, the savior of the world.

Jesus values the one sheep, as He would leave the 99 to go and save the one lost sheep.

The angels of God rejoice when one sinner repents.

Jesus condemned the man with one talent because he failed to use the one talent that God had given to him. So if we cut off a life that was conceived in rape, we have taken away the talent, gifts and opportunities that would have been given to that person that could have made a great impact in the world.