I Have Come To The Kingdom For Such A Time A This


Waking up early this morning I was thinking about the last two or three weeks and twice at church I have heard parts of the story of Esther two times. The Book of Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible.

A couple of years ago on a Monday Morning something had happened, and I could have gotten mad and upset, but instead I asked God what did he want me to do. He said I don’t want you to do anything I want you to pray. So I went into prayer and that Monday night my husband and I talked about the Sunday service. As we talked about it the atmosphere in our home changed. We had sensed an urgency about an individual and their family. So for two nights my husband and I prayed. On Tuesday night, my husband started to feel at peace about whatever was going on. I though being the intercessor that I am God gave to me a strong burden for this person. That whole week I could not eat or hardly even drink I was in very intense prayer. On Saturday Morning at the Intercessory prayer meeting at the church we prayed and the person was there. At the end of the prayer service, we asked for this person and his family to come up for prayer. We prayed with them. The next day my husband and I were at the church early and I was down in one of the Sunday School rooms and the person came to me and gave to me the whole smorgasbord as to what was going on. I was amazed as to what God had done. Although I will say I felt inadequate and what God told me was “Don’t feel inadequate or unworthy, but feel honored because I have chosen you for such a time as this.”

As I think about the prophetic word that I was given at the age of 17 and last August God spoke to me at church at the beginning of the ministers sermon, that I need to share my story and tell it. I thought that God wanted me just to share it with my local church family. I did that, but God has had other plans. After I shared my story with my church family, one of the Pastors sons came to me and said we need to redo your testimony, and I said can we video tape it. He said sure. We did, and we had to do it a couple of times.

In February of this year, I decided to start this blog, and I  am thankful for the people who follow me on my blog.  With my blog, Facebook, and other websites my story has been seen all over the world.  God is not finished though. Very soon the story is going to be translated into Spanish. I never dreamed that it would happen. God is truly doing amazing things. There are other things that are going on, and it is going to take its time for it to come to fulfillment.  I have had several people tell me that the time for God to use me is now. I know it because I can feel it burning inside of me. It is in the plan of God that I am being used for such a time as this.



Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland.  She was conceived in rape, saved from an illegal abortion. She is also a blogger for Save the 1. She is married to a Minister and enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith.


The impact of one person

Image2aAs most of you know I was conceived in rape and saved from an illegal abortion and then placed for adoption.  I am finally getting back into the swing of things since getting back from my father-in-laws funeral in West Virginia. When we got home my husband was very sick so I took care of him. I thank God that he is doing so much better.

Sunday Night I decided to share my story with www.lifenews.com. I had no idea that they planned to share it or even post it. Yesterday I received an email from them and they posted it on their website and a few hours later it was on their Facebook page.

This is what I posted on Facebook with the current numbers.

As I woke up this morning I am overwhelmed with what God has done through the night. When I shared my story with lifenews.com I had no idea that they where going to post it or even share it. Well they posted the story first on their website and a few hours later it hit their Facebook page. This morning I was curious to see how many people it has reached and the number of people blows me away. Facebook is saying that 535 people liked it and 31 people shared it. That is mind-blowing. On lifenews.com website 671 people shared it on their Facebook pages 97 people shared it on twitter and 14 people shared it on Google+. Talk about the ripple effect this can have.

Lets think about this. If 671 people have 200 friends on their Facebook pages it went to 134,200 people. If 97 people on twitter have a 100 people it went to 9,700 and if 14 people have 50 people in their Google+ circles it went to 700 people. Through this it could have reached 144,600 by now.

It really is amazing as to what God is doing. I give him all the glory and honor. I just share it and tell it. God gets the increase.