Dr. Ben Carson Opposes Abortions In Cases Of Rape And Incest



Since I am someone who was conceived in rape, after last week’s offensive and nasty comments, that society now says about the rape conceived by referring the rape conceived to gerbils eating their young. I was very pleased this morning to read that Dr. Ben Carson is not for the exceptions and he is wanting to see abortion over ruled. This very welcoming news.

While on the subject of abortion with Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press Sunday, October 25th Dr. Ben Carson made reference to Abortion as to Slavery. I tend to agree with that. Slave Traders thought they could do whatever they wanted to do with the slaves. It is the same thing as abortion.  We also need to think about the Nazi’s. The Holocaust. That was a horrible time for the Jews. Living in the concentration camps and being killed by the hundreds.  Abortion is the Holocaust of our time and Roe v Wade became legal based on a lie. Abortion is nothing more than giving a woman the opportunity to do whatever she wants and allows people to force her into doing what she does not wish to do. Abortion is selfishness and is all in the name of convenience.

With Dr. Ben Carson having been a brain surgeon with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD I have heard only good things about him. His movie “Gifted Hands” is a powerful movie. His mother, a single parent, taught him and his brother to work hard.

While awake in the very early morning hours I read one the greatest quotes from the article and I will remember that quote. The quote is  “And all you have to do is go and look at the many stories of people who have led very useful lives who were the result of rape or incest.” Dr. Ben Carson on Meet the Press 10/25/2015.

Having people like Dr. Ben Carson taking a stand in what he believes based on the Word of God is what America needs. America needs to turn back to God.






Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker from Maryland. She was conceived in rape, saved from an illegal abortion.  She is married to a minister and enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith. Her website is thevalueoflife.net