My view on adoption

Growing up in the Christian home that I was raised in, I grew up being very conservative and that was my decision, not my parents but mine.

Being an adoptee I struggled with things that others may not struggle with. There was a time in my life that I had absolutely no contact with my mother for various reasons. I had to set boundaries and I had to seek forgiveness. Today, My mother and I have a great relationship. I am thankful for the upbringing that I had.

Yesterday I read an article on about a British woman who became a surrogate mother for her homosexual son. She gave birth to her own grandson.  As I continued to read the article I thought, how much longer will you put up with this Lord? We truly are living in the last days.

Children need to be in a home where there is a mother and a father that love them. I always say that Adoption saves. Truthfully I don’t know what my birth mother would have done if adoption would not have been an option. I am so glad that God came up with the idea of Adoption.

I am for adoption, but I am not for adoption that does not line up with the word of God for families. God’s plan for families is a Father and a Mother and children.