Breaking News:House Passes 20 Week Pain Capable Bill


respect-lifeWhile a lot of people are happy yesterday because the House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to stop abortions after 20 weeks, I am saddened. Why am I heart-broken by the turn of events from today? Babies before 20 weeks can still be murdered, and those conceived in Rape/Incest and those with special needs are the exceptions, and they can still be murdered. I truly am starting to lose all respect for the Pro-Life Movement. You don’t pick and choose which babies you save and which ones you don’t. All life must be valued. We know that if the Senate passes the bill that the President says he will veto the bill and I would not put that past him. If he does veto it, we need to pray and vote for a pro-life President that takes a stand for Life and Hopefully we can get Personhood Legislation in the House and Senate and passed. Personhood believes that life begins at conception and that all life must be valued.

If the President doesn’t veto the bill, this will allow for more abortions, not less. Why? Without having to report the rape, women can just lie about being raped and get the counseling that would be required before having an abortion. That is what started this whole mess over 40 years ago was because a woman lied and said she was raped so she could have an abortion. I wonder how many people know that Mississippi was the first state to legalize abortions in cases of rape in 1966.

As for me, I will continue to take a stand and fight for the unborn until all life is valued.

Update On The 20 Week Pain Capable Bill


Sherry Hospital3a

My mind is all over the place this morning. The 20 week pain capable bill I heard is going to be voted on very soon again in the house. This bill is far worse than before. This bill was going to be voted on in January, but Renee Ellmers Republican Congresswoman from North Carolina put a stop to it because of the wording in the bill about having to report a rape before having an abortion.

This Morning I read an article where Diane Black Republican Congresswoman of Tennessee says that the bill is much stronger this time and more lives will be saved from abortion.   I have something to say,  How is taking out the reporting of rape going to save more lives? It is not going to save more lives. More babies will be aborted.  You ask me why I believe that. With not having to report the rape any woman can then go to her doctor and say she was raped just to have an abortion.  It really infuriates me that babies conceived like I was  in rape continue to be thrown under the bus. And it also bothers me that the republican party has become just as bad as the democratic party with valuing the life of the unborn. God is the creator of Life and no one but God has the right to give life and take it away. We must value all life. Abortion is not valuing the life of the unborn. It is destroying the life of the unborn.

Here in the United States yesterday was mother’s day and that is a hard day for me as my husband and I have no children. Well sometimes it just takes a few words from my birth mom telling me, Think of it is a day to celebrate being a woman and the gifts that God has given us as women. We can still influence the lives of children and you are influencing the lives of the unborn–and that is a great calling.