Why The Rape Exception Is Irrelevant To The Pro-Abortion Movement

The definition of irrelevant is not relevant; not applicable or pertinent: 

You are probably wondering where I am going with this. This thought came to my mind this morning as I was doing my morning devotions. 

Not that long ago our Assistant Pastor at our church preached a message and used me as an example. He mentioned that because I take a firm stand against abortion that people give me a lot of flack for it, but that doesn’t stop me. What I am given a lot of flack for was how I was conceived. I was conceived from rape. Those that are conceived from rape/incest are given a lot of flack because of how they are/were conceived. 

Not that long ago in one of my discussions, this was said. “The fetus is using the woman’s body without her consent. It is, therefore, doing something wrong. Using someone’s body without consent as a result of a sexual assault is not “innocent.” Did this statement surprise me? No, it did not. This is an example of what the pro-abortion movement likes to say about those conceived from rape/incest. The reason why the rape/incest exception is irrelevant to the pro-abortion movement and to those who claim they are pro-life but are for the exceptions is that the baby was not even around when the crime took place. Their way of thinking makes no logical sense in any way. The baby was conceived after the crime to place. To say that a baby who is conceived from rape is using the woman’s body with out her consent is absolute nonsense. The person who committed the crime is not innocent, but the baby who was not even there at the time of the crime is innocent. 

In 2004, the Guttmacher Institute anonymously surveyed 1,209 post abortive women from nine different abortion clinics across the country. The percentage of abortions for the rape exception was  <.05%. The rape/incest exception needs to be done away with when making pro-life laws.

In the pro-abortion movement and those who say they are pro-life but are for the exceptions only think about the life of the mother and don’t reflect on both of the victims, and that is the Mother and the Baby. If you are just now reading this and don’t know my story the short version of my story is I was conceived from rape, saved from an illegal abortion at a planned parenthood clinic, and placed for adoption. Another reason comes to my mind is that the Rape exception is irrelevant to the pro-abortion movement and those that are for the exceptions is because I am not connected by what they have to say, what they think, or what they believe. My life is relevant because of God. God created me, and I want to be closely connected to Jesus Christ. 


Sherry Hensley is a Pro-Life Speaker in Maryland-Conceived in Rape, saved from an illegal abortion. She is married to Fred Hensley. Sherry enjoys inspiring others and sharing her faith. Fred and Sherry attend Bethel Christian Center in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

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