In My Garden


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Good Morning!! While just going through a page on facebook this morning I saw this picture and immediately the song In the Garden started to go through my mind.  My mind kept going so here we go. I can picture a beautiful day perfect 70 degree weather. Hearing the sound of the ocean waves in the background and also seeing a garden just beautiful with roses, lilies, tulips, Ivy, Evergreens, lilacs.  Imagine walking through that and its cool and also the smell of recently cut grass and you just keep walking. You just get a sense that someone is walking beside you then you realize that no one is around but you still feel as someone is there. Who is it? It’s Jesus. He wants to walk with you in his Garden, he wants to share with you things that he knows about with you. He wants to tell you his plan that he has for you.  He wants to love you and give you a hug because he sees the tears that are streaming down your face as you continue to walk. He wants to wrap you in his arms. There is so much that he wants to share.  Jesus wants to spend time with you. So you continue to walk and a lot of things just are going through your mind and then you realize that it’s getting late and you have not had lunch so you try to hurry along but something inside you says take your time and smell the roses. So you stop and smell the roses.  While looking at the roses you see how delicate and soft the petals are on the rose and the sweet smell that the roses leave. While smelling the roses Jesus still waits for you because he wants to continue to spend time with you. Then you see a shaded spot under the Willow tree near the exit of the garden and you can see the ocean beautifully. So you go and just relax under the willow tree still thinking about a lot of things. And he sits down with you and you just start to open up and talk to him. He knows.  Spend time in his garden.

Written by: Sherry Hensley

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