Memories of 9/11



As I think back Fourteen years ago, I remember what I was doing. I had woken up, and I heard about the first tower and then I remember hearing about the second tower. My brother at the time was working for Delta Airlines. He called home and told us that all planes have been grounded. I then I called my friend who I was to take to the airport so she could visit her mom in New York. I told her Your not going. All planes have been grounded and the mess that was going on in New York. I said to her turn on the news and call your airline to see if your flight is still on schedule.

I also remember that Saturday my parents and I were to fly out to Maryland and spend time with my boyfriend at the time and his Sister and her family. We could not make it because of the tragedy that happened a couple of days before.

This morning as I watched the news from 14 years ago I thought We remember this every year on the day. But how often do we take the time to remember the lives of the unborn children who lose their lives the horrific act of abortion every day. Abortion is the Holocaust of our day. Millions of lives have been cut short with no voice to be heard because of abortion. I wonder how many babies were aborted that day 14 years ago?

Recently we have seen videos of the atrocities that planned parenthood is doing and getting away with it. When I saw these videos, I was sickened, and I cried and said Oh Jesus help us. It is because of these videos that I found out my very life could have ended at a planned parenthood clinic before it was legal. It did something to me when I found that out.

While I talk about memories of 9/11, I wonder how many of us woke up remembering the price that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid and thanking him for another day to live.  As I think about these things from 9/11, It makes me want to remember to pray every morning thanking God for the price he paid and thank him for another day. It makes me want to spend time reading his word and living the best life that I know how.  It also makes me want to take a stronger stand to help protect the life of the unborn.

I hope the memories of 9/11 that you have has changed your life and helps you realize as to how fragile life is.


Song is  There She Stands by Michael W Smith.

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