Feeling Special

Sitting here thinking this morning about what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did for us on Calvary.I tend to feel special at easter time partly because my birthday is very close to easter and at times it will fall on Easter.

I always think about Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for my sins. It does not stop with the cross, but there is an empty tomb. Do you know of anyone else who died on a cross and buried in a tomb and rose themselves up from the dead? The only person that I know is Jesus Christ.

When I found my birth mother I found out that I was born during Holy Week in 1973 and when I got in contact with her it was the first day of Lent in 2008. I know how special it was for me to start having contact with me the beginning of Lent in 2008 and so it was special for me.

What really is mind-blowing is find out that God died on the cross many years ago for a little baby girl who would before she was born help her birth mother heal from something that is horrific, traumatic and her birth mother protected her from an illegal abortion and that baby girl was born during Holy Week is 73.  What the enemy wanted to destroy God turned around for Good.

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