Being Adopted

Today while reading some articles on I came across an article about are adoptees being selfish for wanting to search for birth parents?

With being an adoptee myself and having done the search and finding my birth mother, I will say no it is not being selfish. Many adoptees do want to know their family of origin. I was very open with my parents about my search. I let them know what I was doing from the moment that I decided to get my non id information regarding my adoption, to receiving my birth mother’s contact information. I remember my adoptive mother saying that if she was me she would have wanted to know more about her family of origin.

Adoptee’s go through many emotions and feelings that children born into a family may not go through. When I made the decision to search for my birth mother I had to pray and keep myself from feeling the emotions of rejection that so many adoptees feel. I have dealt with a lot of emotions and struggles that adoptee’s go through. Today I thank God for the experiences in life that I have had to go through, because with those experiences I can help others who are going through them.

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