God at Work

Since I have been blogging my story it really inspires me when I see it starting to reach other countries. It is very biblical that we uphold the value of life. God is the creator of life and only he is the one that can take it away. It is very sad to read and see where this country the USA is going. The other day my righteous anger got the best of me. I read an article on lifenews.com and our president spoke to his pro-abortion supporters saying that they where doing gods work. Really? More like working for the god of this world. My God is a loving God and wants no one to perish. Before God spoke to me and told me that I needed to share it and tell it, I had planned just to let my pastor know and leave it there. But my God had other plans. He likes things to be his idea.

Last night at church I heard my Pastor preach a powerful message on Truth or Error. We need to be careful and live according to the Word of God. My God is at work. He is the creator, He does miracles, He changes lives, he sets the captives free, and so much more. He is an all ever loving Father. What we do for Christ is what will last.

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