Making a difference

Protected, Adopted and BlessedSpeaking up for the unborn, and taking a stand against abortion is a biblical thing to do. I have always been 100% pro-life with noexceptions. My heart is in this. I plan to become more involved then I am right now. In the past when I lived in Minnesota, I would volunteer every year at the Minnesota State Fair for New Life Family Services. It would be fun to watch mother’s with children, show their children the stages of baby development in the womb with the models that we had on display.

Since I have been sharing my story about finding out that I was conceived in rape makes the battle that much greater.  Society will look down on people who are conceived in rape. I don’t let what society says interfere with what God has called me to do.  When I started to share my story I had a hard time doing it,  because I didn’t want to hurt my birth mother and I can be like a little turtle take a few steps and make sure its ok and take a few more. Just recently I post the story on YouTube and other places on the internet. When I posted it on YouTube my birth mother said Great testimony. That boosted my confidence.  One of the greatest things that I heard yesterday was hearing my birth mother say I am making a difference. I was in tears. I love her so very much.

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